What do I do with the festive occasions voucher I have received? It's easy; when you want to use a voucher, you need to:
1. Choose the products you want and put them in your shopping cart
2. Click on ‘Cart’ to check your requirement is in the cart.
3. Enter the code on your discount voucher in the box provided and click ‘Add’
4. Click on order

How to benefit from festive occasions vouchers

The illustration shows where to enter the discount code printed on the voucher. (coming soon)


How to obtain a discount voucher from festive occasions ?

You may get discount vouchers to be used in conjunction with orders placed on our website in the following three ways.

1. Become a ‘Fan’ on Facebook by clicking - Like.
You must be logged on to your facebook account, why open a new tab or a new vote browser window and log in to vote facebook account , for more security , press F5 on your keyboard or refresh your page.
a window will open and you will get your discount code .
Do not hesitate to contact us on our Facebook page for more details.
If you are unable to get your code. Contact us by private message or email.

2. If you refer a friend to us you can also earn a festive occasions discount. You may even pass on this discount to them. But remember, the discount code is only valid, and will only show, when an order has been placed.

3. A discount code for 5% to be used on future orders is automatically earned when one in excess of 50 € is placed by you or by someone referred to us by you.

Beware: Many sites offer discount codes for our shop but these vouchers are only valid at the counter. They are not valid for website purchases.
In particular we advise you to ignore discounts you appear to have been offered on Facebook by third parties. The only Facebook discount we will honour is one issued by us to an our approved Facebook Fans.

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