Paiement simple et sécuriséSecure Payment

Our offer of secure payment

We have several types of paiment on our website:

- Paypal :
You can pay your purchases on the Paypal platform, which is a secure platform.
During the process of purchase, you are redirected directly on the Paypal site, where you have the choice to pay with an account paypal, or directly by chart blue, Visa, mastercard,… (in bottom on the left on the page of redirection of paypal).
Payment accepted:
Bank cards :   cartes privatives acceptées sur arts pehemeres
and account paypal : Paiement Paypal
You will be then redirected on our site after payment.

You will find all information on Paypal directly on their site:


- PayBox :
What is a banking service managed by E-transaction of Crédit Agricole, you pay your purchases directly on our site via a banking interface Paybox, where you can pay your purchases directly by bank card, credit card, Visa, Mastercard.
You are redirected on the platform E-transaction which is a platform of secure payment.


In all the processes of order, acceptance of the payment and sending of your order, e-mail will be sent to you, and your statute of order will be updated on your own account, consultable once recorded on our site.

In all the case of payment we do not have any information of bank card concerning you.


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