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Table runner

The table runner is an indispensable table decoration accessory. It brings clarity, color, originality and can completely change a style. As you have understood, the path table is not only used to protect your table! Different types exist, whether plain or patterned, fabric table runner or disposable table runner, there is something for everyone...

The table runner is an indispensable table decoration accessory. It brings clarity, color, originality and can completely change a style. As you have understood, the path table is not only used to protect your table! Different types exist, whether plain or patterned, fabric table runner or disposable table runner, there is something for everyone. A table runner fabric is certainly very beautiful but it has a cost, if you prepare a big reception as a birthday or a baptism you will certainly need a lot of rolls since it is often sold by 3 or 5 meters in length. In addition to that you will have to think about the cleaning duties and you will certainly be stressed that the table runner is stained. For all its reasons, the disposable paper table runner is often the ally of your parties! Keep in mind that a cloth table runner can be reused and serve you for many customizations, we talk about it below. Wedding Table Runner Wondering which chic table runner to use during your wedding? The quality will of course not be the same as for a birthday and our advice is also worth for a baptism table run or for any other event as important. Non-woven table runner The ideal wedding table runner is without doubt the non-woven table runner thanks to its practicality and the savings it will allow you toachieve. Non-woven material is a disposable material with the appearance of fabric and its benefits since it absorbs liquids without tearing, it is a very good quality that is aesthetic. We sell these table runners in rolls of 10 or 24 meters at discount prices and different widths, it is a cheap table runner and ideal for your big receptions. The most used is the disposable table runner in 30 centimeters wide, the one in 40 centimeters wide has the advantage of being precut and you can superimpose another as a gold runner for example. A red non-woven table runner will be perfect on a white non-woven tablecloth at a wedding, your guests will be surprised to discover that this is not a cloth table runner because the effect is really bluffing. Other colors used, the king blue table runner that is very trendy or the black table runner that will bring a lot of class. Romance Table Runner The romance table runner is the new trend for a wedding. Its texture and its very particular rendering make it an original table runner and of very good quality. Different colors are available to associate with your tablecloths. You will also find on our site bands romances, same composition, to complete your decorations. It looks pretty like a lace table runner while remaining disposable and its material is very close to the fiber, its transparency rendering in the end a table runner design.Fabric table runner If you prefer the appearance of the fabric, especially if you want a particular table runner such as the table runner lace or table runner burlap, you will find many references on our site. Depending on the theme of your event, the fabric table runner may be essential, for a vintage wedding for example it will be wise to think of the lin table runner or the table runner jute. You will even find a table runner burlap and lace if you both like it! Besides the table runner burlap will be perfect for a country party! Remember to keep your table runner, it is washable and can serve you for other parties. You can even use the falls to make napkin rings or other decorations such as chair knots. Arrange the interior decoration on a shelf and on your furniture, it will protect them and bring a touch of originality to your home. Plain table runner The most popular runner is usually the table runner because it is the easiest to coordinate at a table. A gray table runner or a white table runner will be ideal on a wedding table for example, you are sure not to make a mistake and its simplicity will be more than sufficient since you will have the table decoration. All deco table can be associated with a table runner uni, small dconfetti. For a baptism you can opt for a pale pink table runner or a blue table runner on a white tablecloth, for end-of-year parties you can choose a gold table runner or a silver table runner. Our plain table runners are offered in different materials and especially quality, for example the paper table runner and non-woven table runner that we talked about above. Original table runner You may be looking for an original table runner, especially for a birthday table runner. You will find your happiness in the category of original table runners but also that of patterned table runners. The happy birthday table runner will be perfect for an adult or teen birthday and will set the tone. If your party is decorated according to the activity or the passion of the principal concerned, some table runners of collections could suit you. The cinema table path for example is very popular! For a child's birthday we will often base ourselves on a theme. For the athletes it will be the table runner chosen as a birthday table runner, a table runner madras will be appropriate as a base for a tropical birthday, the table runner turf will be a table nature or serve at Easter. And as a Christmas table runner think of a reindeer table runner, a star table runner, a furry table runner or a glittery table runner. Way of table pattern The liberty table runner is one of the best selling table runners, it will be perfect as a vintage table runner and this flowery table runner can even be used as a romantic and girly table runner. The gingham table runner is very used for the wedding campaign and the guinguette theme and fair. A polished table runner will make everyone agree and will be perfect for a baptism. For the checkered table runner we dare to use it during a car birthday, it will recall the flags of racing cars! Finally the disco table runner will recall these good years and will participate in the good atmosphere of your party. How to calculate the length of his table runner? The length of the table runner is calculated as that of your tablecloth, take the number of people and divide the par 2 then multiply it by 0.60. For example for 10 guests you will need 3 meters of table runner (10/2 x 0.60). For the fallout of the tablecloths and therefore the table runner, if you want it to be at the same level, count 0.40 extra centimeters. How to arrange the table path? On a rectangular table, you usually place the table runner along the length of your table in the middle. For a one-to-one table runner, you will need strips of about 1 meter 20, see 1 meter 40. If you want to make a buffet it will be necessary in this case to count strips of 2 meters. In case you want overlays ofcolors, the ideal is to place your table runners from the lightest to the darkest. Table mats The placemats are less used than the table runners and yet they can bring a real plus to your decoration and to the animation of your reception. You will find different kinds of disposable napkins on our website, let's take a quick tour of the sets of tables that are essential for your holidays. Paper placemat Most of our tablemats are made of paper, a cheap and disposable table set will allow you to change according to your desires and will be more practical in terms of logistics. The disposable table set can even be worn by your guests after the event as a souvenir, or be kept if it is filled with small messages. The fact that it is paper also transforms it into a custom set of table since you can customize it with drawings and inscriptions of your choice. Professionals will appreciate a disposable restaurant table set and will be delighted to discover a restaurant dinner set on our online shop.


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