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The towel is an element of the table not to forget, first because it is very practical but also because it will participate in your table decoration and give it a much more worked and "finished" look. There are all the colors, different materials but especially for all events. Let us guide you through our different categories and do not hesitate...

The towel is an element of the table not to forget, first because it is very practical but also because it will participate in your table decoration and give it a much more worked and "finished" look. There are all the colors, different materials but especially for all events. Let us guide you through our different categories and do not hesitate to read the rest of our explanations.

What are the different types of towel?

  • The napkin:

The disposable towel has the advantage of being cheap, it mostly avoids cleaning chores. Another reason to opt for disposable towels, the fact of being able to change according to your desires and according to your holidays. There are all the colors but especially patterned, no matter the theme or the colors of your table you will necessarily find the one you need! You can even choose its size according to the use that you will have.

  • Servthis paper:

The paper towelis the star of birthdays, picnics and meals with friends! Economical, the quality we offer is no less resistant. It will even be useful at home, in everyday life, as a napkin. Always keep a pack of white towels in your closets, they will always serve you for surprise visits and they will fit any table and occasion. Our paper napkins in celi-wadding measure 40 centimeters by 40 centimeters. Most colors are matched to our range of paper tablecloths and non-woven, it will allow you to make no mistake taste! You will even find non-woven table runners, stemware and flutes in similar colors. If the rendering of the color differs slightly it is as well, for example you can leave on the blue and decline in different shades lighter or darker.

  • Cocktail paper towel:

For a buffet you will need smaller decoration napkins, this is the case of our coc paper towelsktails. They will also be useful for an aperitif, a reception or simply a cocktail! Like the rest of our paper napkins they come in many colors, some are printed.

  • Original disposable towel:

The napkin has the advantage of being associated with all themes, but you may want a= "Https://">original towelwhich will correspond a little more to your table. This is often the case for a birthday or a baptism.

  • Non-woven towel:

Also called non-woven towel orhref = "">non-woven paper towel these are disposable towels specifically designed for the table. Much more chic and more resistant than a paper towel. For prestigious events such as weddings or baptisms we often use cloth towels, this is also the case in our daily lives. Yet some disposable towels are as good as they are almost confused with the napkin, this is the case our non-woven towels. They have the appearance of the fabric, onesimilar expensive but they are also very thick and absorbent. It is also perfect for folding napkin. The non-woven towel is the wedding napkin, it will save you from renting cloth napkins or buying them but also paying a laundry fee later. The non-woven paper towel will also allow you to create a matching table as different colors exist, this is an opportunity to create a reminder to your theme.

The Glamor towel will find its place on a Valentine's day table or a girly birthday for a girl's 18 years, for a child's birthday we will find the pirate towel and napkins paper on the theme of sport. These towels can be a paper towel or non-woven napkin. For the original disposable towel, it may be paper towel or non-woven towel. You can also choose a patterned towel for the wedding reception of your wedding. If you organize a country wedding for example, you will fall for our wine towels with corks as printed. They will also be appreciated by restaurateurs, bistros and wine lovers! For weddings we also offer vintage towels printed with the inscription "Save the date party", they will also be perfect for a bachelor party!

How to present the towels during an event?

Now that you have made the choice of napkins you only need the presentation, how to arrange them on your table? It's not about just laying them flat on the plate, there are lots of very simple possibilities to highlight them. We assure you, it will completely change the look of your decoration and surprise your guests! The easiest way to present a towel, usually used at parties like Christmas, is to put it directly in your glasses. Slightly rounded, it will bring a little effect without much work and heads. There are, however, many folds of towels that are very simple to make, rings of towels all ready, but also simple ways to make your own towel ring! Follow our advice. We are often udo mountain folding towel, we want those who are able to achieve without daring to launch. Yet folding paper towels is not always so difficult as it seems! The first step is sometimes more complicated to understand, but once you have understood and taken the hand, there is nothing easier. It is true that some folds towels are rather reserved for experts, but a good tutorial and a video of differents steps to follow can help you.

All our paper towels are perfect for folding towels. We advise you to start by choosing a towel suitable for folding towels. The nonwoven napkin, for example, is ideal for easy napkin folding because it folds more easily and has a lot more support, by its thickness, than a conventional napkin. Then do not hesitate to find the folding that suits you, if a folding paper towel is too complicated and you can not follow the steps, change to a simpler tutorial in which you will feel comfortable. Rather than going on an original but difficult paper towel folding, you can also choose a fold-up covered towel napkin. It's simple, elegant and practical! In addition, you can customize it with small accessories.

What are the different types of folding?

  • Christmas towel folding:

For Christmas we often look for folds of original napkins that will entertain the guests, for example the folding napkin fir which renders is very aesthetic and will also appeal to children. Why not also go on a folding towel star?

  • Foldage towel flake:

On our blog we offer a folding napkin for Christmas explained in an article and with a video tutorial, it is the flake towel folding. It's a very simple fold to make, you can help yourself from the video and follow the steps outlined on the article and here. For this folding snowflake shaped towel you will need a link, you can use satin ribbon for example and then customize it with small decorative decorations like stars. Here are the steps: Fully open your paper towel by unfolding it. Form a rectangle by bringing the sides of your napkin to the center. Fold half of your paper towel into two pieces, fold it again and you will get benchmarks. Unfold your disposable towel and now make an accordion from one end to the other, it will then be divided into eight equal parts. Now you need to attach the link you chose to the center. The outer tips must be brought back to create a triangle on both sides. Unfold the towel slightly, then adjust the faces. Your flake folding is over!

  • Folding baptism towel:

For a baptism we will be based on the theme of decoration, for a theme sea by exemple we can leave on a folding towel boat that will be very poetic. A folding rabbit towel will be fun, it will also serve for a folding passover towel. For a nature theme, why not go on the butterfly theme?

  • Folding butterfly towel:

This folding towel will impress your guests a lot, it is also much easier to achieve than it seems. Here again you will find on our blog explanations and a video tutorial of about 3 minutes to realize this folding of butterfly towel. For this folding you will need two different colored non-woven towels, you can also opt for colored metal wire to tie the towels. Do not hesitate to arrange them on the corner of your tables since the size of the final rendering will be quite substantial.

  • Folding original towel:

Some folds of towels are very original and will make a splash on your tables, pineapple towel is one of them. The folding towel is better known but is also very original! On our table decoration blog we also present you a folding nenuphar towel that will bring a lot of class to your table decoration! You can use it for awedding, a baptism or simply to surprise your guests.

  • Folding wedding towel:

If you are organizing a small wedding you can work on your decoration with the folding towel, it is a little more complicated when the number of guests is important because it involves a lot of work! However, do not hesitate to put your witnesses to work, you can prepare your folds well in advance and keep them in cartons until D-day. We advise you folding swan towel or folding towel heart which is full of romanticism. You can also opt for a folding tuxedo napkin and a folding napkin dress, mix both on your table and the effect will be guaranteed! The folding napkin tie will pair very well with a knot-shaped napkin, they will also suit a bachelor party boy.

  • Napkin ring :

Another much simpler way to embellish your towels, the napkin ring. You will find on our shop rounds of paper towel already ready, different colors but also different styles theywill allow you to decorate your towels and will even serve as place tag. If you want a custom towel ring, why not create it yourself? Simply tie a bow with ribbon or use table runner scraps, then you can add some decorative accessories according to your theme. For a wedding napkin ring on the Vintage universe, for example, use burlap and adhesive lace flowers. The delivery of our towels of different colors are done in a very fast time even during the Christmas season, our stocks are constantly renewed because it is current product very used and constantly proposed in store. For your table no problem your decor will be perfect!


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