Topping and Disposable Tableware

The tablecloth is an integral part of the table decoration, it is even the basis. It is she who will bring light and change its atmosphere, so it is essential to choose it! Whether it is a wedding tablecloth, a tablecloth, a birthday tablecloth or even for a meal with friends you will necessarily find one that suits your desires and your budget....

The tablecloth is an integral part of the table decoration, it is even the basis. It is she who will bring light and change its atmosphere, so it is essential to choose it! Whether it is a wedding tablecloth, a tablecloth, a birthday tablecloth or even for a meal with friends you will necessarily find one that suits your desires and your budget.

Which type of tablecloth to choose for your event?

  • Disposable tablecloth:

There are two different qualities of tablecloth, paper tablecloth and non-woven tablecloth. The choice will be mainly a question of budget, but the aesthetics also counts. For a more prestigious event, as for a wedding tablecloth, it will be more judicious to choose a more resistant tablecloth and reminding the appearance of the fabric.

  • The paper tablecloth:

For a birthday, a festive meal with family or friends, the paper tableclothis ideal. If you are looking forA cheap tablecloth is the one you need. Our paper tablecloths are of good quality and will not tear at the first opportunity. You will find different colors to match your disposable tableware including gold and silver color.

  • Non-woven tablecloth:

Thenon-woven tablecloth Also known as a non-woven fabric tablecloth, it is ideal for a wedding or reception since it is much more prestigious than a simple tablecloth. Very high quality it reminds much the appearance of the fabric while remaining economical. You will find a large choice of colors, the white tablecloth and the black tablecloth are very classy colors that can be associated with different decorations. The gray tablecloth and linen tablecloth also lend themselves to several events, a red tablecloth is more daring while remaining chic. Our non-woven tablecloths are sold in rolls of 10 meters, 25 meters or 50 meters. The white tablecloth is also available in roll of 100 meters which is very convenient for big events like a wedding. The advantage of the non-woven is that it is much stronger than paper, it is an absorbent material and much more aesthetic.

QWhat are the advantages of non-woven tablecloths and paper tablecloths?

The big advantage of non-woven tablecloths or paper tablecloths is that one can play on the one hand on the length of tablecloth but also on the color. Like a colored background, the tablecloth creates a very special atmosphere to your table decoration. So we made a tablecloth chart so we could help you in your choice and give the color of your tablecloth to your table runner. An event often involves a lot of dishes and therefore a lot of washing, why go through the chore of cleaning when there is disposable crockery? The disposable dishes has evolved a lot and is far from the idea that one is made of them. Disposable dishes are now much more classy and may well suit a more prestigious event than a simple festive meal. Very practical and economical, it saves you hours of dishes but can also be kept and washed since it is very resistant. If you are looking for cheap, good quality and aesthetic dishes then you are at the right place!

Is thisArt Ephemeral offers disposable crockery?

Yes Arts Ephemera offers thehref = "">disposable dishesfrom all the colors from the simplest to the most original. Also know that we offer themed dishes, for a child's birthday you will find for example thesnow queen dishes. The advantage is that you get cheap dishes, which often adapts to either the color of your event or directly to the theme of your party. This allows you to combine all the advantages, you can leave your dishes safe in your closet and find economical dishes that will not require any work for washing.

  • Disposable plate:

When we think of disposable plates our first representation is often that of the simple plastic plate of round shape that was used during picnics and barbecue with the family. There is however a whole range of different disposable plates, from the disposable plastic plate to the cardboard plate, with different shapes proposed but also much more aesthetic. The round white plastic plate is available in different sizes, you will also find gold plates and plates silver but cardboard this time. Some of our round cardboard plates are themed, they are ideal for a birthday. Our disposable square shaped plates come in a variety of sizes and in a variety of different colors to suit all your events. Feel free to vary the colors and sizes by choosing for example a disposable dessert plate in white color to arrange on a plate jpink stool. This rigid plastic plate has an ideal shape and can be suitable for all your receptions, the largest will even serve as a dish for your buffet. The plastic plate is also part of reusable plastic dishes as these plates are dishwasher safe or hand-washed as long as you make a smaller party with few guests.

  • Designer and disposable tableware:

For those who wish a little more originality, we offer our disposable dishes design. If you are looking for an original disposable plate then the design is made for you, its wave shape is very modern and the colors offered very classy. It is an ideal plate, you can use it at the table as during your reception for the aperitif. The disposable square design plate is halfway between the square plate and the round plate, it is a solid disposable plate that will fulfill its role during a wedding or a baptism. Its advantage? In addition to being resistant, it is dishwasher safe, so it can serve you again at a future event.

  • Ecological disposable tableware:

Ecological dishes are ideal if your event is organized around a nature theme, exotic or simply if ecology is important to you. The palm leaf plate that we sell on our online store is biodegradable and compostable. At a time when the protection of the planet is an important issue, you can show the good example with ecological disposable crockery. These plates can be reused. With these plates you will be able to use cardboard cups which, too, can be composted and are part of ecological dishes.

  • Cutlery :

After choosing your plates, it's now the one of your cutlerywhich is necessary. Disposable cutlery has also evolved, some disposable cutlery even look more like real cutlery. The trendy metallic table cover that we sell on the site for example is very close to the metal cover but remains light and safe for children, it has the advantage of being disposable and adapts to different table decorations. Our solid disposable cutlery is available in different colors but also in several formats, you will inevitably find the cheap cover you are looking for. A large part of our disposable tableware meets and meets the European criteria of plastics.


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