Soon you will wish or celebrate a happy birthday, so it is time for you to look for a suitable decoration. To wish a birthday is an important moment, we celebrate a new year of our existence and we can take stock of the past. Whether it's for a child's birthday, a wedding anniversary or even an 18-year-old birthday, it's always a pleasure to cel...

Soon you will wish or celebrate a happy birthday, so it is time for you to look for a suitable decoration. To wish a birthday is an important moment, we celebrate a new year of our existence and we can take stock of the past. Whether it's for a child's birthday, a wedding anniversary or even an 18-year-old birthday, it's always a pleasure to celebrate it well and in a beautiful place. Organize a birthday is not very complicated, we will give you some birthday idea that could be useful. We usually celebrate birthdays considered as the most important once an adult, each time a key number is reached. For example a birthday 30 years, a birthday 40 years, then a birthday 50 years or a birthday 60 years, a birthday 70 years. However we can celebrate other anniversaries, like the wedding anniversary. Now that you have decided on the most appropriate date, you will have to look at the place. Whether you decide to rent the birthday room or do it at home, the anniversary decoration will be important to make your event unforgettable. There is a multitude of birthday decorations, from the most classic to the most original. Many color themes are also appreciated, it will depend on your tastes and the type of birthday thatyou will celebrate. An 18-year anniversary decoration for example will not be the same as that of a wedding anniversary. Follow our advice to not forget anything but also to inspire you, if you are looking for a cheap birthday decoration you are at the right place.

What are the main accessoriesdecorative for a birthday?

  • Birthday urn:

The birthday urn is an integral part of the anniversary deco while being the most functional and useful. It is always difficult to find a birthday gift idea when we do not know the tastes of the person who wants it, when we do not know what it already has but what others are offering. The ideal birthday gift is then to participate in a kitty, the person who celebrates his birthday can then use it as she wishes. Same thing for a wedding anniversary gift, it is even more difficult to find an idea for a couple who probably has everything already. Contribute to an anniversary piggy bankcould allow them to travel and afford a vacation.

  • Guest book birthday:

If you are organizing a big event it will probably be important for you to keep some memories, which is why thehref = "">birthday guestbookis a good choice. It will allow your guests to be able to leave you a message and their birthday wishes, it will be always fun and touching to re-read them as the years go by. The birthday book can also have another use, the fact that it is blank allows you to do what you want, so why not a birthday photo book? It will ideally replace a photo album and you can combine birthday photo and messages.

  • Birthday balloon:

The birthday balloonis a very popular and always fashionable room decoration element. It is cheap and easy to present. You can leave balloons on the floor and on the dance floor, hang them on the ceiling, use a bottle of helium to float them or hang them outside. The balloon can alsoserve you to mark the location of your event and allow your guests to find it more easily. You can use birthday balloons for different games, for both young and old.

  • Anniversary card:

A birthday party is essential to alert your guests of the date and location of your event, but birthday cards are not just for that. A birthday card can be a birthday invitation, but it can also be used to wish a person and a sum to add to the pot or a gift. She makes the gesture more personal. A happy birthday card is appreciated because it can be kept as a souvenir afterwards. It is more common to offer a birthday invitation card as a child. Small guests can then give them to their parents to ask permission, it's easier for them who do not remember the place and date.

  • Birthday table decoration:

You have different possibilities to celebrate a birthday, it can be done around a snack but also an anniversary meal. Afternoon tea is usually reserved for children while the meal will be more suitable for adults. You canbut create a Candy Baror a sweet table that are very trendy and greedy. For a meal you can also organize your party around a cold buffet and a cocktail aperitif. In any case it will be much more pleasant to gather around a pretty decoration. To do this you will need different elements, but first you will need to determine what will be the colors of your birthday. You can go on a gourmet theme with macaroons and cupcakes, fun with lots of colors or glamor and chic thanks to black and white or black and fuchsia.

  • Birthday candle:

The birthday candle and especially the custom of lighting candleson an anniversary cake comes from the Greeks. Popular belief attributes toa href = "">birthday candles the power to fulfill all wishes. It is common to dim the lights and sing a birthday song by bringing the cake illuminated, the person who celebrates it can then make a wish before blowing out his candles. The birthday candle participates a lot in the birthday cake decor, there are different tailcolors and some are even shaped figures to be able to represent the celebrated age. Others are more spectacular like sparklers that can make a big impact when the birthday cake arrives.

  • Disposable tableware birthday:

It is easier to opt for disposable crockery, no need to risk breakage when taking out your Sunday dishes or to ruin for crockery. Disposable tableware is now very chic and resistant, why not use it? Different disposable plates exist, both in shape and in colors. You will surely find happiness ! And to match those you have chosen you can choose from= "Https://">glasseswater and wine or assorted flutes, but also cutlery of different colors. If you have chosen the cold buffet or the Candy Bar we advise you to opt for small dessert plates and plastic glasses.

  • Birthday towels:

The choice of your birthday napkins will depend mainly on the type of event you are organizing. If itFor example, a wedding anniversary that takes place at the table we advise you to opt for non-woven towels that are chic and very good quality, their fabric look will make a lot better on your table. If for cons you celebrate a birthday child or friends it will be wiser to use paper towels, the ones we offer are good and resistant and there are several colors and different themes. For a cold buffet or an aperitif you can choose the cocktail napkins that have a smaller and more suitable format.

  • Birthday table runner:

The birthday table runnerIt is not always essential but it is still very popular, especially if you have rented a room. It will instantly dress up your tables but can also bring a little extra touch to the theme you have chosen. Here again everything will depend on the type of birthday, for a child's birthday you will find themed printed table runners that will bring a lot of sweetness or contrary pep's. For a wedding anniversary or an adult birthday there are more classic plain runners or elegant prints that will fit perfectly on your birthday tablecloth.


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