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Wedding table decoration

At a party, whether it's a simple reception or an event to celebrate, table decoration is essential. A nice table setting will show your commitment and delight your guests, this is what they will remember for a long time and it could even participate in the atmosphere of your party. It is at table that you spend your entire evening and it is the...

At a party, whether it's a simple reception or an event to celebrate, table decoration is essential. A nice table setting will show your commitment and delight your guests, this is what they will remember for a long time and it could even participate in the atmosphere of your party. It is at table that you spend your entire evening and it is therefore your table decoration, more than that of your room, which will be the most watched and commented. So much so that it is unforgettable ...

Many elements are part of the decoration of table, we will present the different categories that will be useful for making your purchases but also to inspire you. No matter which theme or colors you have chosen to highlight your reception, you will find your happiness on our shop. If you are looking for a cheap table decoration, you are in the right place.

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What are the different accessories that allow you to decorate your wedding hall?

  • Decorative accessories:

    The decorative accessories will be very useful to add a little extra touch to your table decoration, but also to decorate and customize other elements. For a table nature you can for example disperse some ladybugs, flowersor butterflies, but you can also glue and hang them on a centerpiece, glasses or to customize napkin rings. The table decoration accessories are therefore small elements essential to a successful decoration and will even serve you for your room decor, for other parties or for your interior decoration.

  • Candles:

    No matter what kind of party you want to give, candles will inevitably find their place on your table. The candle can create a warm and friendly table, it can turn a simple meal into a romantic dinner and dim lights can also bring a lot of magic. Associated with your style of table decoration, candles can completely transform the atmosphere of your event. Several styles ofcandlesexist but also different shapes and colors. For you to choose them carefully, they can also serve you in decoration without being lit. Some are already decorated, while others have more useful functions. LED candles for example can allow you to illuminate a lantern garland easily or a centerpiece in the form of a vase filled with water since there are submersible LED candles. The candle warmer dish will serve you as much in the kitchen, always on your table, as in your decoration.

  • Candlestick and centerpiece:

    To present your candles you will need candle holders, if some can be put directly on the table it will be better for others to use a candle holder to not take risks. We will also talk about the table's centerwhich can also very well match the candles and therefore the candlesticks./ Span>

  • Candlestick:

    A candle holder can highlight your candles very easily and at a lower cost, this also allowsif you can turn them on because not all can be put directly on your table. The candle holders have an aesthetic aspect in addition to the practical one, which is why it is important to think of this solution to decorate your table. If you are looking for a cheap candle holder do not hesitate to take a look at our shop which offers a wide choice of different candle holders. You will find different lanterns, candle holders, glass candle holder, wooden candle holder, large candle holder or design candle holder

  • Table's center :

    Atable's centeris interesting in addition to the decorative aspect since it can also serve as a table top or table indication. You can easily integrate the names of your guests to mark their places or simply add a name or a table number if your table plan is elsewhere. Side decoration it will sit the main theme of your table and your room decoration, it will dress the table and create a little volume. You can create a centerpiece flowers, a center table design, a center of bright table with candlesticks and candles. The centerpiece will match all your parties, such as a centerpiece for noor a baptism centerpiece.

  • Round towels and coasters:

    The towel ring can have several functions, it is a forgotten element of the table decoration that we invite you to discover and use. The coasters are they much more practical than decorative, but as much join the useful to the pleasing by choosing a coaster corresponding to its decoration. They will be able to accompany the plate of your guests around a welcoming table.

  • Napkin ring :

    As we said abovenapkin ringcan have several functions. It will first serve to present your towels that are often forgotten, it can be a reminder of color with respect to your theme or on the contrary bring out those of your towels. The napkin ringcan also become a place brand, a practical and economical solution. You have the choice to make a custom towel ring with our decorative accessories or cchoose a classic napkin ring like the napkin ring.

  • Under glasses:

    Rather than a custom under glass we offer you to opt for a cheap glass that will match all your parties, you will find many under glasses agreeing to different collections of our site to match your theme. It's practical, it's economical and you can even coordinate your napkin rings and coasters

    • Metal Decoration:

      The metal decoration is more and more trendy, it is appreciated for the play of light that it can create but also for its modern aspect. You can opt for a metal decor for your creations, to dress objects and personalize them but also to decorate your table. Metal balls for example have several sizes and colors that can allow you to create a centerpiece or bring different volumes.

      • Natural decoration:

        The natural decoration is more and more appreciated because it corresponds quite to different very trendy themes like the decoration champeter or the decoration on the theme of the sea, but also because its raw appearance can become very soft and bring a lot of freshness.

      • Place tag :

        Theplacesare very important on a table, they avoid guests to scatter and couples to be separated. A table plan also avoids arguments and promotes a good atmosphere. So that your guests find their place easily do not hesitate to opt forref = "">places, a large choice is proposed to adapt to your decoration. You will be able to find a brand name place cheap, a brand place baptéme or even a brand place wedding for all your events.

      • Table decor:

        In the table decors you will find a lot of smallaccessoriesto decorate your table decoration. For example different confetti and drops of water will bring a little color on your tablecloths, it is a little more that will make your decorationperfect, pieces of driftwood or shells to give the pace to a sea table.

      • Artificial flowers and bouquets:

        Fresh flowers come at a cost and it can quickly become a big expense for your party, whether it's a wedding or another party since the flowers will also find their place on a birthday table or baptism. The= "Https://">flowersartificial are a cheaper solution that we offer. To respect your budget but also because they require less maintenance, the artificial flower is ideal for your parties. She has a beautiful rendering, pretty close to real flowers, but you will more achievements possible. You can personalize them, use them to customize napkin rings or glasses, make a centerpiece of a table or simply disperse them on your table without fear of them fading.

    • Pliers and feathers:

      Other accessories very popular deco, the pliers and feathers. The tongs will allow you several decorative achievementswe will be able to serve you again after your event. You can use them for a table top, to hang place marks, on a glass or to make a garland of photos. Theref = "">featherswhen they can bring a lot of sweetness, poetry and romance to a table.

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