Marriage is an important step in a couple's life and a happy moment to think about in every detail. This is a new chapter in your life and we want to accompany you in its preparation with our advice and suggestions. We all dream of a perfect wedding and so that it is up to your expectations it is important to look after the decoration of its we...

Marriage is an important step in a couple's life and a happy moment to think about in every detail. This is a new chapter in your life and we want to accompany you in its preparation with our advice and suggestions. We all dream of a perfect wedding and so that it is up to your expectations it is important to look after the decoration of its wedding room and the decoration of its tables for the day J. To facilitate the task you have access on our site to different categories allowing you to find the decoration and the wedding accessories which you will need. This is what will allow you to choose your wedding deco without scattering and so without doing too much, it is important to keep a conductive line, a kind of breadcrumb. You have completed the completion of your wedding announcement? You can now think of your wedding decoration since it must be on the same theme or integrate color information (codes) or styles (baroque, chic or bohemian).

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How to choose the theme of his wedding?/ Strong>

Your wedding theme can represent a desire, the place of your romantic encounter, a country that you particularly love, in which you want to spend your honeymoon or simply a wedding decoration that you like. For example a wedding theme idea in the air of the time: the rural wedding decoration that will be perfect outdoors or to bring a little nature to a room. We also think of a vintage wedding decor for those who love the retro-chic side with lace. Anything is possible, a Bollywood-themed wedding for lovers of India and cinema. A wedding on the theme of travel may be suitable for a couple of globetrotters or those who wish to travel for their honeymoon. A theme music will be ideal for couples of musicians or music lovers, we even offer decoration for a firefighter theme.

Which colors to choose for your wedding decoration?/ Strong>

If you do not have theme ideas for your wedding, you can simply determine the range of colors you want to associate with your decor and build on it. A marriage decoration in shades of red and white is, for example, very popular with brides and grooms. You can opt for two or three colors, a gradient of different color tones or omixes that we do not necessarily think of as a wedding table gray and lemon yellow, or a wedding table in black and white that can give a very sober. Now that you have a theme idea and after defining your wedding table plan, it's time to harness your creativity on your wedding tables.

How to choose your table's center?

You have to choose what will betable's centerit's the most important decorative part of your table since it's the one you will look at first and that is the central part of your table. The floral composition is an element on but according to your theme you can replace this one with the driving element of the theme, add candles on each side of the main element for example, you will have the perfect table balance. For more singularity, discover the wedding centerpieces we offer, they can serve as a base and / or you can ask them as they are in the center of your table or customize a little. After choosing your wedding tablecloth, usually a white non-woven wedding tablecloth i will be brighter and bring out your table decorations, now you have to tackle the table runners. The wedding table runner is arranged differently on the table depending on the shape of the latter. The bride and groom table runner also differs from the one on the guest tables. Many table runners for weddings are offered, you will inevitably find the one that best suits your theme or your colors, whetherref = "" style = "text-align: justify;">Unitedordecorated .

What are the main decorative wedding table accessories?

There are many accessories for thedecoration of the wedding table . Some are essential to bring this little touch that will make all the difference to your decoration, others are optional but will surprise your guests.

What are the main accessoriesdecorative wedding room?/ Strong>

Your tables are operational, you know how to decorate them for your wedding. Now we must think about your wedding room decoration, it is not to neglect since this is what your guests will observe throughout the course of your party. As for the table decoration, there is a multitude of decorative accessories for your room, for example, the red carpet or white entrance to the church, can also be used in your room. The directional signs are very appreciated decorative elements which will be able to allow your guests to converge towards the place of the cocktail, "style =" text-align: justify; ">candy bar or the place of marriage when they look for your room, or even when they look for the toilet! You can also find on our website very beautiful wedding ring cushionsand wedding ring./ Span>

  • The wedding room hangings:

To dress a room hangings are very useful. They can hide a ceiling that would not be to your liking, hide a wall or wall elements that you can not remove as part of the rental of a wedding hall. The wedding tapestry also makes it possible to modify the volume of a room thanks to a system of trompe l'oeil, it can easily enlarge or shrink a room if one knows how to arrange them. A cheap wedding hanging is also ideal for outdoor decoration if you have the chance to organize your wedding outdoors.

  • The wedding chair cover:

Often when you rent your room chairs are offered but they may not be pretty, nor prope nor your tastes, to overcome this problem but also to give a much classier aspect to your event, opt for chair coversDisposable and nice knots in your colors./ Span>

  • The wedding urn:

A wedding piggy bank is essential so that your guests can leave you a little present and a contribution to the pot of your new life for two or your honeymoon. You will find wedding urns of different sizes and colors that you can customize as you wish with ribbon and various small decorative ornaments.

Whether you are calling on a professional wedding photographer or not, what is highly appreciated by guests at weddings is the photobooth. Literally Photo Booth is synonymous with "photo booth" or photo booth. But it is also and above all a concept created in the United States in the 90s. Today Photobooth is the essential animation, fun and offbeat weddings, baby shower, birthday etc ... Because it allows nice moments of sharing in family or friends, with the key photos memories extras! The ideal place is a place away from the festivities but not too much for guests to visit from time to time. Do not hesitate to specify where is this famous place dedicated to Photobooth, by pretty photobooth signs for example. Do not hesitate to go further and install a videobooth in the photo area where diners can stage themselves in front of the camera and the camera in turn, leaving touching messages to the bride and groom. So do not forget to provide quality photo booth accessories so that they can be passed from hand to hand, and organize this corner photos / videos away from the tumult of the evening. Also go for Love aluminum balloons or other fun writing to get your message across! Do not forget the background that allows you to frame your event (curtains, stickers ...) With all this, we wish you a successful wedding, full of happiness to you./ Span>

  • The guestbook:

To keep track of the guests present on your wedding day, the guestbook is essential. There are several beautiful models on our site, you can choose one already decorated or a more neutral to make a personalized guestbook.

    What are the essential accessories for the exit of church and town hall of the married?

    For an exit of the couple successful you can distribute to your guests and witnesses confetti, cannons petals, petals, or soap bubbles. To hide the license plate of the newlyweds vehicle on the photos, a decorated wedding license plate will be much appreciated. And to make the most noise, because it's party time and anything is allowed, wedding car cans are ideal.


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