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Disposable birthday tableware

You are probably looking for cheap disposable tableware for birthdayif you celebrate this event, that's why we generally turn to disposable dishes. For abirthday party / Strongyou do not need chic crockery and porcelain, especially as we find today thequality disposable tableware / Strongand with a very nice rendering. Another positive point, th...

You are probably looking for cheap disposable tableware for birthdayif you celebrate this event, that's why we generally turn to disposable dishes. For abirthday party you do not need chic crockery and porcelain, especially as we find today thequality disposable tableware and with a very nice rendering. Another positive point, the disposable tableware birthdaycomes in all colors to match your themes and your desires.

Children's disposable tableware

For abirthday childthedisposable dishesis very practical and especially reassuring since it does not break, no risk of loss but especially of injury. It also avoids the chore of cleaning since you can throw it at the end of the party, a trash bag and everything is over!

If your child wants abirthday decoration representing his favorite cartoon hero you will surely find the dishes you need. On our shop you can for example find disposable platesandHello Kitty goblets,Queen of snow,Princess Sofia,Cars,PlanesorStarWars. You can mbe this disposable dishesto a more classic table decoration in the same color tones or to match the rest of the collection that you can find on our shop.

For girls dreaming of princesses and those who would like to become real pirates you also have the choice to opt for disposable plates birthday princessor evenpirate goblets. There also collections exist to complete your table decoration on the same theme.

If you do not want tocupshero or theme prints we advise you octagonal disposable cupsthat exist in many colors and are very resistant, you can also buy simple transparent plastic cups.

For theplatesdifferent shapes and sizes are also present on the shop, for a birthday childit is common to choosedessert plates . Thesquare plates 17 centimeters by 17 centimeters are ideal, others have more original forms.

Finally if you want little guests to leave with a giftto thank them for their gifts and their presence, why not choose the mini candied jarsplastic ureto lids of different colors? They are not likely to break like those in glass and may contain small candy, a littleguest gift always appreciated!

Adult birthday disposable tableware

For aadult birthdaythedisposable disheswill be different, it is often more sober but does not contain the same elements. We forget the printed and cups and plates themed, this will suffice for disposable towels and decoration. At the level ofdisposable dishesit's better to stay more classic!/ P>

Disposable glasses for birthday

If thedisposable glassesare different for a adult birthdayit's because you will definitely choose to integrate champagne flutes to celebrate the event with dignity. On our shop you will find disposable champagne flutes at the feet of different colors, you can change them and keep your flutes since they are resistant and will serve you several times./ P>

Thewater glasses will also serve youstrong>wine glass , again you will find on our site the colors matching our tablecloths, our disposable towels, our platesbut also our flutes aChampagne. Feel free to choose foot colors different from those of your flutes, it's always more fun.

For yourappetizers andcocktailsyou will also find cocktail glasses orcups of aperitifs who have the same principle of colored feet. The long drink disposable glassesyou will also be very useful, they exist in black, white and transparent.

If youranniversarydo not celebrate at the table but among friends, around a barbecue or a simple aperitif, you can also opt for disposable cupsbasic. You will find white or transparent of different capacities and more rigid which are also more resistant.

Finally do not forget thedisposable coffee cups , they will be essential for you to wake up your guests and not exhaust you in chore of cleaning. You will also find coffee stirrers on our shop, handy to avoid using too many spoons.

Disposable birthday plates

There are different shapes, different sizes but also a large choice of colors concerning disposable birthday plates. Your choice will depend on your theme and the meal you want to organize, want to celebrate your birthday around a simple taste or meal?

If you want to have a simple snack with a candy bar or a sweet table you can only buy dessert plates who will serve you for the cake. They will also be useful around a cold buffet or an aperitif dinner since your guests will serve directly. For a meal against it is better to choose the three different sizes ofplatesthat we propose to you to use it for the entry, the main course and the cheese and / or dessert. Do not hesitate to vary the colors, it is much more beautiful on a table!

Thedisposable square plates are the most commonly used but you can also find design platesdisposableand more original forms. For a simple barbecue you can also choose to choose plastic disposable plateswhich are classic but more resistant thanstrong>disposable paper platesand less expensive than plain plates of color./ P>

Some themed printed plates may be suitable for adult birthday, for example ourpoker card platesor those for football fans like plate cardboard foot ASSEor thebirthday cardboard football platerepresenting a soccer ball./ P>

Verrines and accessories for birthday

Finally in the disposable tableware we also group useful accessories to your table that are theoretically disposable but can still serve you several times as they are resistant. Do not forget either disposable cutlerythat will be practical and that exist in different colors./ P>

Thepaper strawsare very trendy and are perfect for a anniversary, they will also like for a birthday child. For aadult birthdaywhy not opt for ourpaper straws for cocktailsto fun messages?/ P>

Thedisposable catering traywill serve you to present your appetizers and your sandwiches and toasts for an aperitif. If you want to make glassesyou will find a wide choice of containers for aanniversaryor other, they will also serve you to present your appetizers for olives or peanuts for example./ P>


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