Birthday decoration

Are you looking for an ideal birthday decoration or a cheap anniversary decoration ? Look no further, you are in the right category. For a happy birthday we offer birthday decoration of choice, you will inevitably find your happiness among the multitude of articles proposed. Birthday a party to decorate For a birthday we go to festive colors ...

Are you looking for an ideal birthday decoration or a cheap anniversary decoration ? Look no further, you are in the right category. For a happy birthday we offer birthday decoration of choice, you will inevitably find your happiness among the multitude of articles proposed.

Birthday a party to decorate

For a birthday we go to festive colors such as green, fuchsia, blue ... We hesitate especially not to mix several colors since for this event everything is allowed, it is the opportunity to bring pep's to your decoration . You can choose a greedy decoration that will be very colorful, respect a theme of two or three colors maximum, prefer pastel colors for a softer and more vintage side . This will depend on your tastes but also celebrated the birthday guy, decorating a first anniversary is not the same as a wedding anniversary or a d &adult birthday coration. If you want to bring a more classy side to your party you can integrate chocolate, black and white ... As you can see, the choice of colors is important. If you wish you can also go on a theme , by desire or by passion .

Birthday table decoration

Before dealing with the room decoration it is important to talk about the birthday table decoration . It is on this one that you will blow your candles and share a pleasant moment with your guests, as far as it is worthy!

A birthday table

For a simple decor without headache you can disperse some birthday table confetti with the inscription " happy birthday " or the age celebrated . Do not hesitate to look at all the confetti table that we offer on the site, there are different forms of several colors and one of them could match your decoration. For example if you want a glamorous birthday you can have a few small onesdiamonds on your table, for a first birthday there are sweet confetti representing cubs . The different table decorations will be there to enhance your party decor .

Birthday napkin rings

To embellish your towels if you celebrate your birthday at the table there are a lot of round towels that you might like. Some are plain and simple, others are specially designed for birthdays and others are themed. For a princess birthday or a pirate birthday for example, common themes for a child's birthday , we can find napkin rings matching the rest of the collection. The towel ring is not essential for your party but it is very good to confirm the theme of deco and especially to make your table chic for cheap .

Birthday place mark

In order to place your guests we offer some brands places birthday that will be very useful. Why not choose placesRepresenting the age you are celebrating history to showcase and match your event? You can also use this nice type of place birthday to present pictures of you at different ages, it is an original way to decorate your table by creating a kind of photo frieze on your table.

Theme Anniversary

For a child pirate birthday you will find birthday placemats , there are often by collections. They are practical because they can avoid staining too quickly a tablecloth, they decorate your table and your little guests can also leave with the end. As part of the collections or licenses you will also find some birthday tablecloths on their favorite heroes.

Birthday room decoration


Now let's move on to the room and overall decor of a birthday . No matter what type of birthday you celebrate lanterns are very popular because they allow you to dress up immediatelya piece and are simple elements to put in place and inexpensive. There are happy birthday lanterns of different colors, if you are looking for plain lanterns we also offer on our shop different sizes and colors. The Chinese lantern and a very good item of cheap deco and very easy to set up in the birthday room.

The garlands

Garlands are also part of the most used birthday decorations , again they are easy to install and they are not expensive . Happy birthday wreaths of different colors exist to make the simplest, if you do not find the colors of your choice you can point to the garlands of pennants . We offer pennants to assemble almost any color possible, plain or patterned. For children who want a birthday with the effigy of their favorite cartoon there are some decorative garlands of licenses, for a birthday Cars or a birthday queen of the snow for example.

The hangings

The wall hangings are a good way to hide an unsightly wall or simply to dress, we offer wall hangings kakemono happy birthday that will find their places both at home and in a village hall .

A little more in your birthday decoration , the words " happy birthday " placed subtly in your decoration thanks to a small decor that you will find on our shop. He can decorate a table, a shelf or even an urn!

Child birthday decoration

Generally children like to celebrate their birthdays on the theme of a cartoon, a hero or a character they dream of being like a pirate, a knight, a princess. They can for example covet a mickey birthday decoration or a hello kitty birthday .

If you do not wish to orient yourself towards this type of decoration we can give you some tips for an anniversary decorationoriginal, whether for a birthday decoration girl or a boy birthday decoration . The theme of gluttony for example is very popular because it is colorful and reminiscent of sweets that we love, such as macaroons or cupcakes. You will find different collections on our site allowing you to decorate a birthday child. A western birthday is original, you can also organize a treasure hunt for girls as boys around a pirate birthday .

Birthday candles

Adult birthday candle

For an adult birthday the ideal is to turn to candles numbers to celebrate the new age desired. They are sober and classy which allows not to overdo it and not to end up with too many candles on the cake.

If you wish you can also use classic birthday candles of different colors, alone or associated with number candles . There are also silver candles or gold candles that are much more classy.

The cake fountain or sparklers will impress your guests a lot and will be the most beautiful effect on a surprise birthday . This is the opportunity to make beautiful photographs!

Birthday candle

For children the ideal is to choose colorful candles , they will be delighted to discover them on the cake. There are different colors, from pastels to flashy ones. You will need to calculate the number of candles to have on the birthday cake . This will be an opportunity to make your little one dream, what's more beautiful than seeing the illuminated cake arrive, the dim lights and the loved ones singing " Happy Birthday "?

If you want to turn to the figure candles there are some very pretty, sober or more original. The glitter candle for example represents a number with a few touches of colors and glitter, this is perfect for a child's birthday .

Musical candles are very popular with the youngest and are very populare's original. Just light the wick of the candle for the music starts, the main interested can then make a wish and blow his candles on the air of " Happy Birthday to you ". Do not panic, the music stops once the fuse is extinguished ... And if the number of candles does not match the age of your child you do not have to buy several lots of these same candles, you can mix with other colored ones.

And finally if your children are fans of a cartoon you can choose their own way


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