Containing wedding sweets

The wedding is a magical and beautiful event that lasts only one day, the next day there will only be beautiful memories And this small gift you are doing to your guests then all its importance. It's a complement to your party, a thank you, that they will carry with them and then decide to keep to remember these good times past / Strongto celebrate yo...

Theweddingis a magical and beautiful event that lasts only one day, the next day there will only be beautiful memoriesAnd thissmall giftyou are doingto your guests then all its importance. It's a complement to your party, a thank you, that they will carry with them and then decide to keep to remember these good times past to celebrate your union . Because it is often guarded and admired, it is essential to make the right choice and to present it in the best possible way.

Contenant dragées mariage

We are going to present you the different wedding suckers which you can find in this category of our site, but also the accessories which exist to customize them or to present them. We will also advise you on how to offer them and the different alternatives to sugared almonds, you just have to make your choice!

toThese containing dragees are a selection from our category: Conholding dragees

Various wedding containers

There is a multitude ofdredging containers which can be just as easilydream for sweets, chocolates or any other present that you wish to offer to your guests. If you want ideas for alternatives to sugared almonds you will find some at the end of our text. The dragee containers that we offer you are conditioned in order to you guarantee the cheapest pricethis is why they are not sold individually.

Regardlessdragee container that you decide to offer we advise you to present them on your tables. This will avoid breakage, forgetfulness, but they will also serve to your table decoration and even place tagif you wish it. In this case it will be necessary to offer a container per person. If you do not want to use this solution and you want to offer a container per couple then do not hesitate to recruit your witnesses to help you distribute them when your guests are at the table. Again you will avoid the forgotten, the losses and the broken containers.

Thewedding box

The wedding boxes that we propose to you are of French manufacture. You will find different shapes like the heart, the square, the rectangle or the pochon but especially different colors to fit all your themes.

louser avintage weddingfor example you will find different boxes in kraft that can be offeas is or customized with self-adhesive tape and small accessories. If you are looking for a dragee box heart we offer different collections with printed or plain, from the most classic to the most original. Many of our wedding boxare themed boxes, you will find the rest of the collection on our site as a menu, share, place-brands ...

Carton box with plain cardboard

Thesolid cardboard boxare very practical to associate with a wedding theme since again different shapes, sizes and colors are available. The most popular are the dragee cubes that can be united, with a transparent cube and a lid or a bottom. They are easy to dress with a little ribbon and can be hung on an arbre drageeor a carrier.

Original wedding box

In theOriginal Wedding Boxeswe classify thematic boxes essentially and quite original. Some may be a place that we like Paris or London, others passions like travel, music or cinema. For each theme different boxes exist, for awedding musicfor example we will find boxes in the shape of musical instruments and others in more classical forms with prettyrhymed.

Wooden drums container

If you are looking for a pretty wooden boxin which to offer your dragees, you will find in this category. You can use these wooden boxes to other effects, they may for example contain your alliances. The advantage of wooden containersis that they are more durable and more resistant, your guests can use them in decoration other than by keeping them in their souvenir boxes.

Container transparent

Thedragees are colorful and are nice to look at, so why hide them? If you want to expose them you can choose a containing transparent drageeswho will let see the colors of your wedding. Different subjects exist, the most chosen are the plexi containerswho are more resistant and less afraid of breakage. This kind of container also offers more original forms than the glass containers, airplanes for example can correspond to a wedding triphearts will suit the romantics. The plexiglass ballsare available in many sizes and can be hung in your room and come as part of its decoration.

Containers with glass and metal drums

If you are looking for a sugar-coated container class, we recommend youglass containers. In the form of inkwell, jars, jam jars, test tubes ... there are for all tastes and these are the most popular at weddings. Here again they will be able to serve again to your guests and will be more durable than thecardboard containersif they take care of it. There are also metal containers , such as small cages very original and finally glass cups that will be convenient for you to have your drageesat the dessert table./ P>

The sachet

Formerly theDragees sachetwas the most used for weddings, today it remains a choice among the multitude of containers proposed. We know the traditional sachets in organdy, there are also very beautiful linen or burlap with strips of lace or other shiny fabric.

Contenant à dragées mariage noir et blanc

A wedding label for its containers

Awedding etiquetteis convenient to remember this moment, it allows to note the name of the newlyweds but also the date of the union. It is therefore very common to add a labelto his containers, it can also bring a touch in addition to its decoration./ P>

United wedding labels

Theplain labels are cardboard, you can find the same colors as the united cardboard dragee boxes that we offer on the site. Different shapes exist to suit all tastes and themes: butterflies, hearts, anchors, flowers, ... Other more classic shapes may suit you such as circles, squares or rectangles.

Wedding Theme Labels

If you are looking for a more original label to dress your container or simply to stay in the collection you chose, you will find on our site some wedding themed labels.

Accessories for dragees

If you want to present your dragee containers or personalize them, you will need accessories for your dragee containers.

A plexi ball holder with dragees

Your choice fell on the 5 cm plexiglass balls for yourdragees but you do not know how to present them? If the solution to suspend them does not suit you, you can choose to opt for ball doors, they are themed and have different prints. They are convenient because they will allow you to put them on a table and offer them plus easily.

Wearers in dragees

Either it's aboutglass containersor in plexi, you may need a wedding showcaseto present them and put them in self-service for your guests. You will find some on our site like for example a carrying rectangularto suspend them or another spiral that allows you to put yourplexi balls. This leaves you some ideas for your presentation wedding dragee.

The decorations of dragee containers

You want to customize yourdragee containers ? Because they do not exactly match your taste, your vision or your theme you can customize your different containers. Whether they are glass, metal or cardboard you can addself-adhesive ribbon, ofsatin ribbonor organdy,self-adhesive labels or tags to attach but also the deco wedding dressesas for example vintage mini keys or ladybugs./ P>

Alternatives to dragees

Thedragees are usually what guests are offered at a wedding, but if you wish you can find an alternative that will match your theme, your tastes or to show originality.

En Provence we can offer lavender grains, you can choose to give homemade jams presented in the glass jarsthat we propose or other achievements. It is also common to offer chocolates or for a greediness theme sweets or cupcakes. In any case you will necessarily find a container that will suit what you want to offer on our site.


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